CPI 2018. When? “2018?”And what about the Gambia?

CPI 2018. When? “2018”? And what about The Gambia?

Civis Mundi Digitaal #85, June 2019 (I)

door Michel van Hulten, Kaunain Rahman
“2018”, do the 13 sources of CPI 2018 use the results of data collection in that year?
The short answer is ‘NO’. For a full answer we need more words and make use of a TI-provided example, The Gambia.
For this analysis of the historical value of the CPI 2018 sources and the data which they provide I took from the website https://www.transparency.org/cpi2018 (scroll down on the Homepage till below the Press Release, you will find ‘Resources and Downloads’. Click on the last one button ‘Source Descriptions’), you will reach the full texts of the 13 ‘Source descriptions’. From these some selected information is reproduced below in table 1 showing that most CPI-data originate from 2017 or the early months of 2018.It is important to have a look at calenderdates as too many reactions on the CPI 2018 claim improvements or deteriorations in scores (and as a consequence also in the rank order number of countries) as depending on events that happened after the source finalised the field work on collecting data. A good example of this impossible historical sequence is found in the following article on The Gambia published by TI and originating from the same offices that also produced the CPI 2018.

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