Corruptie in het nieuws.

LIBE speaks out in favor of 2nd EU Anti-Corruption Report

170504, LIBE on 2nd Anti-Corruption Report After the disappointing answers by EU-Commissioner Frans Timmermans in the AFCO-session given to MEP Sven Giegold on 3 May 2017 about the suspension of publication of the 2nd EU Anti-Corruption Report (already delayed since Spring 2016) a more positive outcome could be observed in the LIBE-meeting a day later. … Lees meer

EU-Commissioner Timmermans: ‘we decided not to do a Second Anti-Corruption Report’

  170505, Info from the AFCO-session on 3 May 2017 EU-Commissioner Frans Timmermans: ‘we decided not to do a second corruption report‘. On the 3rd of May, 2017, EU-Commissioner Frans Timmermans speaking on behalf of the European Commission in the European Parliament’s Commission of Constitutional Affairs (AFCO-session from 17:16 – 18:22) was very clear in … Lees meer

Europa, schaf rapportage van anticorruptiebeleid niet af

Europa, schaf rapportage van anticorruptiebeleid niet af TROUW DONDERDAG 4 MEI 2017 Willeke Slingerland, docent/onderzoeker aan hogeschool Saxion. Promoveert aan de VU Amsterdam op netwerkcorruptie Corruptie is complex en veelal gelinkt aan andere serieuze misdrijven zoals drugs- en mensenhandel In stilte besloot de Europese Commissie haar anticorruptierapport, het hart van het anticorruptie – beleid van … Lees meer

Illicit Financial Flows (global, May 1, 2017, source GFI)

We all know, thanks to the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) made yearly by Transparency International, that the poorer countries of the world enjoy the reputation to be the most corrupt and the richer ones are integer! Thanks to studies as made by GFI which looked into the facts regarding ‘illicit financial flows’ we know better. Trillions … Lees meer


170422, text borrowed from Transparency International   See:   Climate governance • 22 April 2017   Climate change, like corruption, is a matter of life or death. The evidence is hard and clear. 2016 was the hottest year ever on record, extreme “once in a generation” weather events are becoming more regular, and fragile ecosystems such as the Great … Lees meer


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