In the Dutch language section of this website are shown the ‘partners of this site’. All of them are Dutch websites of great diversity. Their number may be growing in the near future. All of them are absolutely free from any influencing by and all are fully responsible for their own contents. They share an intense desire to get rid of corruption and to foster integrity, each one in their own way. Like most of their contents are in Dutch, this cannot be otherwise as our combined readership is mostly Dutch mother-tongue speaking. We may try to get some information that might be particularly interesting also for Dutch-outsiders, to become translated in English (not yet a promise). Some texts however may enter also in original English versions. We do our best.
Guest authors writing in English are welcome.

(1) e-magazine Civis Mundi

is the partner with a chapter on  ‘Corruptie & Integriteit’ (Corruption & Integrity) in each issue (one issue per two months), free of charge mailed to a list of some 2,500 subscribers ( ).
Tel. 010-4182580, e-mailadres:
Editor for this chapter is Michel van Hulten, who also participates in the ‘Buitenkamer’, see below under (6)

Additionally there are some one thousand subscribers who want to receive only the chapter on corruption and integrity, among them some one hundred journalists.
To subscribe use the address ‘aanmelden’ above.

Civis Mundi wants to promote the academic study of the socio-economic and cultural bases of our society, nationally and internationally as codified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

The Civis Mundi Foundation also publishes Annuals and organizes public  lectures and symposia.


(2) Het Criminologisch Netwerk Nederland

The CNN (the Criminological Network is a national link between criminologists that began to function early 2015 in particular to offer to 3rd-year bachelor-students, master-students and practitioners better chances for mutual support in their personal and professional growth.


e-mail-adresses:  (evenementencommissie)  (acquisitiecommissie)  (nieuwscommissie)

Telefoon:  +31(0)6-12027301, +31(0)6-83330213


(3)  Transparency International Nederland

The Dutch chapter of the International anti-corruption NGO headquartered in Berlin
For any question about TI contact the general director of TI-NL:
Mrs Anne Scheltema Beduin
GSM 0031-6-4212 5222′

Street-adres: Transparency International Nederland
Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen Kamer SB-8, Mauritskade 63 1092 AD Amsterdam.



(4) DEUGD, a private site (

This website inspires to virtues in life at personal (micro-) and institutional (macro-)level. Inspiration is drawn from a great variety of life experiences as there are in religious education, UN-ideals, American positivism, Church inspired social policies, and benevolent human behavior. The webmaster Toon Vissers welcomes reactions. He participates also in the ‘Buitenkamer’, see below under (6).

(5) Aruba  Stichting Deugdelijk Bestuur Aruba

The Kingdom of the Netherlands comprises also six islands in the Cariben. Three of these are independent countries within the Kingdom, one of these three is Aruba.
On the island of Aruba is established an independent Foundation aiming at improvement of the quality of governance on the island.
In 1997 was published the Report ‘Calidad’ (by a commission chaired by mr. Mito Croes) with 20 recommendations to be implemented.  The observation made now is that fifteen years later not much has happened.
Postal address: Turibana # 22, Noord, Aruba
Tel. general information, mr. 
Armand Hessels: +297 567 2976


(6) De Buitenkamer, Moreel kompas voor ethisch en integer.

A ’think tank’ in statu nascendi, chair prof. dr Johan Wempe (VU- Amsterdam, Free University, chair busines ethics).
Membership possibilities are open for applicants.
More: Secretary mr. Harm Meijer, 0031-6 5192 2910,,