EAGLE Briefing

Wildlife law enforcement briefing giving an overview and insight on combating wildlife crime in 9 countries.

Wildlife crime has much to do with corruption!

The highlights for March 2015 are:

  • 22 significant traffickers arrested this month
  • Gabon: Ivory trafficker arrested with 12 tusks and rapidly sentenced to 2 years imprisonment  for wildlife crime and corruption attempts.
  • Togo: Huge quantities of West African Manatee bones seized from arrested specialized trafficker
  • Benin: 150 wildlife contrabands of 20 different species seized, two traffickers arrested.
  • Congo: Sniffer dogs hit again, marijuana uncovered in luggage 35 km to Brazzaville.
  • Uganda: Major trafficker arrested with 128 kg of giant pangolin scales and proof for trading in rhino horns and ivory.
  • Guinea: Saidou Barry appointed GALF coordinator after a trip to Congo within the framework of  EAGLE exchange programme.
  • Cameroon: One year jail term to ivory trafficker.

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