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Subject: EAGLE Network December Briefing 2015

Dear supporters,
December was a good month getting traffickers behind bars!
some of the highlights:

* 17 traffickers arrested in 5 countries

* 2 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon with 206 kg of ivory – the largest amount in the country´s history

* 3 ape skulls traffickers arrested in Cameroon with total of 20 chimp skulls and 3 gorilla skulls.

* 5 ivory traffickers arrested in Congo with 35 kg of Ivory

* Togo’s ANCE / TALFF received the award for its fight for the right to a healthy environment

Please read our briefings and give us more comments to improve.
On behalf of the EAGLE Network,

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The law without enforcement is only good advice – Abraham Lincoln

see: Eagle Wildlife Law Enforcement Briefing ofir@laga-enforcement.org. tel. 237-9965 1803

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