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http://www.foodwhistleblower.org/ Transparency

Consumers should be able to know where their hard-earned dollars are going. Whether or not the actions of regulatory agencies and industries result in an injury, corporate and government practices shouldn’t violate the trust between the institution and the consumer. False or misleading labeling destroys this trust, but it is a common problem throughout the food production process. If truth and candor were systematic in corporate practice and in the regulatory protocols, the consumer could make an informed decision about purchasing the product. FIC supports the “customer’s right to know.” Food with integrity is food that is raised, manufactured and prepared in compliance with community values and beliefs. Determinations of integrity cannot be made without some degree of transparency. FIC demands transparency in both the activities of the industry and the government agencies charged with regulating the industry. FIC promotes transparency in all arenas of the food system from soil to plate, and works to hold companies and the agencies that oversee them accountable for actions that affect the public.


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